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The Standard American diet lacks quality nutrients and can lead to an unhealthy digestive system creating an environment for rapid aging. Even a healthy diet is no guarantee that the nutrients will be properly absorbed. The inability to properly digest and assimilate nutrients from your diet can lead to nutrient deficiencies, which has become a common problem in our population.

Intravenous (IV) nutrition, also known as “parenteral micronutrient therapy”, is emerging as a method of not only treating medical symptoms, but also as an excellent means of contributing to overall wellness. IV Nutrition is not a new discovery. The fact is that hospitals have used a form of IV nutrition to help patients restore nutrient deficiencies and nourish those who cannot feed themselves for decades.

The method consists of nutritional infusions administered to patients via an IV drip. Containing an assortment of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and/or electrolytes, infusions help support patient health and well-being. What is new, however, is that in addition to the traditional IV Nutrient Therapies, there are specialized formulas with benefits for managing symptoms for a wide range of conditions, including depression, anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, and fatigue, to name a few.


Here at Suburban Wellness Group in Newark, New Jersey, we provide customized tailored IV programs to address many different health issues and goals. Each one is designed to restore specific nutrients which help prevent the aging process, repair cellular damage and imbalance, hydrate the cells, improve sleep, enhance memory and mood, increase fat burning, lower stress and anxiety, boost immunity and recover your body’s youthful vitality after intense workouts and exercise. We offer a broad range of intravenous vitamins and minerals as well. We also provide patients with comprehensive diagnostic testing that allows us to determine nutrient deficiencies and create an individualized treatment plan to meet those needs.

Almost everyone can benefit from IV nutrient therapy. For example, vitamins taken orally pass through the stomach and intestines. A number of issues like gut flora imbalance, chronic illnesses, enzyme deficiencies and medications, can inhibit the absorption of oral vitamins. Aging is also an important factor. “As people age, the ability to absorb nutrients decreases, and this is due to a gradual decrease in the secretion of gastric hydrochloric acid and, in turn, pancreatic enzymes needed to break down food or supplements so that intestinal absorption can occur.” With IV nutritional nutrition, the stomach and intestines are bypassed, and nutrients go directly into the bloodstream with excellent absorption.

For people who are healthy and just need an infusion of energy or extra protection from viral infection, a short infusion is rejuvenating. For people with medical conditions, IV nutrient therapy is safe, effective and restorative.

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